Harvest-picking by hand. The grapes are sorted twice (when picking the grapes and on the sorting table) then partially de-stemmed. (when needed, depending on the quality of the berries a third sort is done with our optical machine), and put in stainless still thermo-regulated tanks. The alcoholic fermentation can begin with natural yeasts from the grape berries during around 3 weeks. Pumping-over (the must) very soft in order to be very careful about the substance and order to get the purest and most representative wine we can have. Soft pressing

The wine is put into the cask further to a soft settling of the juice in French oak (25% for new oak). The malolactic fermentation can begin then with natural bacterium from the juice. The ageing lasts 16 months on fine lees. We follow the lunar calendar for the bottling without fining and filtering. The Corton Grand Cru is bottled during „root” days (wines for ageing) according to the lunar calendar.

The Corton Grand Cru is dark in colour. Aromas of fresh fruits (blackcurrant, cherry) when young, modulating to truffle and leather with age and maturity. A solid structure on a tannic base and well-marked acidity. Harmony, smoothness and a long finish reward those who wisely allow it to evolve.